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    Behind the Body: Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill stays focused on his goals

Behind the Body: Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill stays focused on his goals

Photo: Ronald C. Modra/Sports Imagery/Getty Images

Once all the heavy padding is removed, it is clear that Ryan Tannehill takes great care of his body. From the variety of training he performs on and off the field to the importance he places on pre- and […]

The Best Cardio For Your Abs

Behind every sculpted six-pack, there’s a three-part plan that includes clean eating, smart strength exercises, and fat-burning cardio. When it comes to melting off belly fat, is all cardio created equal? It’s true you can burn calories doing just about anything that gets your […]

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The 80/20 Nutrition Rule

My focus on healthy living includes a whole foods nutrition program in addition to the physical outdoor lifestyle. I make an attempt every week to make it to the farmers market, cook with a ton of veggies, stay away from packed foods and eat […]

Eat, Move & Think Like A Rockstar!

Looking like a rockstar means combining a fit physique with unmatched confidence and a strong presence. Those qualities are inspiring and definitely attainable! A killer fitness routine, conscious eating and a positive mindset are key.

Follow my workout, nutrition tips and positive affirmations and you’ll […]

The Anti-Aging Workout

The benefits of regular exercise are too many count. And while short-term goals like weight loss and muscle definition are perfectly valid reasons to work out, they often overshadow some significant long-term benefits of a regular gym routine. Research shows that exercise can be […]

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5 Essential Stretches and Foam Rolling Moves for Runners

In these warmer months, even non-runners get inspired to take their cardio routine to the streets. It’s certainly more fun than feeling like a hamster on a wheel, plus outdoor runs offer added challenges like wind resistance and uneven terrain. The only downside is […]

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