Customized Fitness and Nutrition Program

Nora Tobin Wellness and Too Busy to Eat are thrilled to bring you a cutting-edge fitness and nutrition program that deliver rapid and sustained results.

The fitness portion is designed to tone the entire body, improve energy levels, reduce stress and increase productivity. The workouts are easily integrated into any routine and ideal for all levels.

The nutrition portion is designed for the participant to achieve optimum weight and energy with a convenient, sustainable system. This unique nutrition plan focuses on real foods that satisfy cravings, speed weight loss and achieve peak performance without the stress.

There are a few key components that make this program a sustainable success;  the top professionals on the team, ease of participation and the dramatic results achieved. Our team of professionals includes Physicians, Nutritionists, Elite trainers, MLB Strength and Conditioning Coaches, and anatomy experts. Their expertise has been deeply integrated throughout the program, providing a full service to meet health, fitness and weight-loss goals.

Customized Meal Plans

Eating sensibly is the cornerstone of any successful health and fitness program, yet nutrition can be confusing! Let’s face it: sticking to a strict meal plan, counting calories, and creating dishes that leave you unsatisfied makes dedication near impossible. If you aren’t an expert, nutrition planning is a daunting task. Nora Tobin Wellness and Too Busy to Eat are here to make your planning a breeze. Simply select the foods you most enjoy and we will do the rest! We’ll create dynamic meal plans suited to your individual tastes and fitness goals, even including your organized shopping lists and detailed preparation instructions. No need to worry about cooking every meal from scratch though, we will also guide you to select the best options while dining out. In the click of a button, our easy-to-use mobile platform gives you the nutrition answers you need.

Customized Workouts

Exercise is the second component to ensure long-term health and fitness success. Finding an appropriate exercise routine for your skill level and abilities can be frustrating. This program offers unlimited options to ensure your motivation never wavers. You’ll select your available times, current activity level and preferred work out location (home or gym). The programs provide you with detailed information on which exercise to perform, how many repetitions to do and which weights you should use. Don’t be intimidated if you’ve never exercised, or consider yourself a beginner. This program has more than 3,000 short, instructional videos demonstrating every movement included in your personalized plans.

Visualize Your Transformation

For many of us, the hardest part of making lifestyle changes is in the very beginning. Trying to set goals and put an action plan into place to reach them can be challenging. A health and fitness plan is no different. It may be difficult to imagine what the changes may look and feel like, and figuring out what steps to take can be overwhelming. Our 3D tool will jump start your fitness plan, and provide the constant motivation you need to be successful! Once you create your personal 3D replica, the tool will create multiple models that represent your body during various stages of your fitness plan. You have the opportunity to see the new you what you will look like during your journey to better health and fitness. Seeing the results before they happen is a great motivator!

For all corporate wellness program, personal training and exclusive retreat inquires, please email the Nora Tobin Wellness team at

Educational Tools

As a Nora Tobin Wellness and Too Busy to Eat client, you have everything you need to turn your health and fitness goals into reality! In addition to your diet and exercise plans, we include hundreds of health and fitness articles, informative videos, and easy-to-use assessment calculators, all easily accessed from your member portal. Too Busy to Eat is your one stop shop for fitness success!

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