3 Tips to Travel Fit


Staying fit, energized and healthy in the midst of a travel workweek can be a bit of a challenge, to say the least. From coffee, cocktails and carbs to lack to sleep- it is not exactly easy to stick to our regular routine. For good reason, many work trips do not usually include regular trips gym and an assortment of green juices. We usually just wave the white flag and give up any healthy habits we maintain at home. From there, we go home feeling burnt out and in serious need of a detox.

I just got back from a week in New York where I was running from meeting to meeting during the day and attending work dinners, events and social engagements at night. This is one of the best things about the city, it never stops. Unfortunately, it can take its toll if I don't mix in some healthy habits into the week. After several of these types of trips, I have found a few sure-fire ways to enjoy it all while keeping my energy up, metabolism high and performance optimal. While I don't always get to every one of these, I try to incorporate at least a few into my daily routine while traveling.

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3 Tips to Travel Fit

  1. Keep it Clear: It is unlikely you will avoid cocktails on a work trip and that's ok. It usually comes with the territory. We just need to make sure we stick to the hangover-free options that won't get us into trouble. It is always a safe bet to keep the cocktails clear. Whether it's gin, vodka or scotch ask for it to be mixed with club soda and a squeeze of citrus. It may not be as exciting as all the mixed drinks available, but your body and mind will absolutely thank you!

  2. Sleep Soundly: There is nothing worse than getting a poor night sleep and trying to be your best the next day. It's a challenge to stay focused and make healthy choices because our hormones are out of balance. It's never easy to sleep well when we are not in our own bed, which is why we could use a little help. Melatonin is a hormone produced in the pineal gland that plays a signifiant role in a good night sleep. It can be suppressed as easily as exposing the body to artificial light at night. Any deficiency can lead to higher levels of inflammation and a weakened immune system. This combined with the added stress of work and travel put on the body, can lead to poor performance.There are ways to increase melatonin naturally in the body such as a hot bath an hour before bed, avoiding all technology before bed and getting direct sunlight for 15 minutes in the morning. These steps help reset the circadian system of the body and signals the brain you are ready for bed. If this still does not work, you can take a clean melatonin supplement.

  3. Maintain a High Metabolism: While we have every intention of staying on our workout regime during travel, it tends to fall off throughout the week. Even though I love to workout and I know how good it makes me feel, other obligations can get in the way. We should not have to say no to that early morning breakfast (the time I usually workout at home) or the last minute invite to happy hour in order to workout. That being said, it's essential to keep the metabolism high and energy up during a busy week. Fortunately, there is a way do it all! Try this efficient hotel room workout workout at any point of the day that is convenient. You can fit it in even if that means waking up a few minutes early. The workout builds lean muscle and fires up the metabolism to help the body burn fat more efficiently throughout the day.

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