Kale, Cardio, and Cocktails: The Complete Plan

5-Week Nutrition & Fitness Programs

The game changing nutrition & fitness plan designed to get you in the best shape of your life without having to clock hours at the gym, be deprived of your favorite foods or forgo cocktail hour.

Experience all the benefits this program has to offer by receiving the nutrition and fitness components of the plan!

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The Complete Plan

Nora Tobin Program
Nora Tobin Program

Fitness Plan

  • Strength workouts to burn fat and shape the body
  • High intensity intervals to speed metabolism and burn calories up to 24 hours after the workout
  • Cardio training to improve heart health, boost mood and reduce stress
  • Short walks designed to reduce the stress hormone cortisol that causes the body to hold onto fat

Nutrition Plan

  • Specialized meal plans designed to burn fat around the clock
  • Shopping lists to create an effortless experience
  • 8-hour eating window to improve complexion and dramatically slow down the aging process
  • Approved cocktails to indulge without the bulge
  • Healthy recipes that will keep you fit, fierce and fulfilled


  • Receive weekly articles and videos that will help transform your physique, increase productivity, improve sleep and boost mood. Additionally, receive discounts on products.

What You Can Expect

Kale, Cardio & Cocktails provides a unique approach to weight loss, beauty and overall health. In this plan you can expect:

Rapid Weight Loss

Seamlessly drop the pounds and keep them off, even the last 5 that are typically the hardest to lose.

Enhanced Energy

Wake up with a clear mind and maintain high energy levels throughout the day, without the help of multiple lattes.

Toned Physique

Tone up the trouble zones, reveal a lean physique and banish the belly bloat.

Beauty Boost

Significantly improve skin tone and complexion, boost hair texture and get the glow like you had a facial every single day.


“Nora inspires you not only because of her vast knowledge of health and wellness, but also because you just want to look like her! What I like most about her programs and her overall style, is that she’s not a drill sergeant. Nora speaks to you on your level and makes you believe you can nudge yourself to the next level…it’s the big PUSH cloaked in kindness!”

Kathy Freston

New York Times Best-Selling Author

In collaborating with Sports Illustrated and Time Inc., Nora has proved herself to be a truly creative force – armed not just with smart, cool ideas but also with effective strategies that drive engagement and results.  She’s as keen a business mind as she is a fitness guru.

Damian Slattery

VP Marketing, Time Inc.

Kale, Cardio, and Cocktails Full Plan

Get in the best shape of your life!

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