Nora Tobin LLC creates luxury wellbeing retreats, executive off-sites, immersive workshops and keynote presentations scaled globally.   

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Luxury Retreats

Curated experiences around the world where participants are immersed in luxury programming that includes; elevated culinary activations, outdoor adventures, specialized classes, Fulfillment in 3 workshops, spa treatments, clean cocktails and one-on-one consultations. Choose from numerous 5 Star properties or villas.

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Executive Programs

Educational and immersive experiences that include energy work, cross patterning, nutritional guidance and stress adaptive programming. ½ day and full day options to add to any corporate event or offsite.

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Upcoming Events


JW Desert Ridge, Arizona

Luxury retreat

October 17-20, 2019

  • Luxury accommodations in an awe-inspiring destination.

  • Nora Tobin’s Fulfillment in 3 immersive program featuring clean cocktails, detoxifying superfoods, energy elixirs and the transformational fitness and nutrition plan.

  • Daily energizing workouts, core conditioning and restorative yoga sessions.

  • Fulfillment in 3 workshops to reduce stress, improve performance, speed results and enhance overall happiness.

  • Artfully crafted culinary experiences that offer nutritious meals as well as decadent indulgences.

  • Two Signature 90-minute spa treatments.

  • Personalized Lifestyle consultations with Nora and her team.

  • Local, authentic well-being excursions.

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